Learning is key for today's students. As teachers, we want to partner with both our students and their parents to enhance student learning as much as possible. However, this partnership can only take place when communications are clear and consistent. There are lots of tools available to help meet this challenge. Unfortunately, they all require a good bit of your valuable time to learn. Enter Google Sites.

Google Sites provides an amazing vehicle which teachers can use to easily communicate important information to both students and their parents to keep them "in the loop" with what is going on in your class. Google Sites are easy to use and allow you to integrate many great Google Apps tools, tools you are already using on a daily basis.

Using Google Sites is a tutorial built to empower teachers to create a Google Site they can use to connect and collaborate with their students as well as to communicate with their parents. The 7 "lessons" are designed to guide teachers through the creation of a site to its full implementation. Use the lessons at the top or the links below to begin your journey to creating a great teaching tool for your class.
  1. Creating a Google Site
  2. Page Basics
  3. Learning about Site Layout
  4. Configuring Site Navigation
  5. Adding Personality through Site Design
  6. Managing Your Site
  7. Page Gadgets
Before you get started, take a moment to check out these Google Sites. They will give you some ideas about how others are using Google Sites. Note: Not all the sites below are teacher or school sites.