Site Creation

Creating a Google Site is quite easy...thanks Google...

  1. Login to your Google Apps account
  2. Use the app grid to select Sites
  3. On the left, click Create
  4. Enter a name for your site; keep it short but descriptive
  5. Click Create and Google will create your site!
That's it! However, if you want to check out the other options on the Site Creation screen, read on...BEFORE you click Create a second time. Note: With the exception of the Site URL, all the options below may also be changed at a later time after your site is created under the Manage Site area.


The default "template" that is used to create your site is very vanilla but does give you lots of flexibility in creating your own site and making it unique. However, you may also choose to browse the Template Gallery. The Template Gallery includes lots of site templates that not only have predefined graphics and colors, but may also include default pages on which you simply need to add your own content.


The Site URL (ie, web address) is automagically created for you when you enter a site name. However, after entering your name, you may choose to change the URL that Google created for you by clicking in the box and typing what you want it to be.

A word of caution...once your site is created, the Site URL may NOT be changed.


While you may not want to use a predefined template from the gallery, you may want to consider using one of the many "themes" that Google has packaged with their Google Sites app. These themes include colors, fonts, site layout, navigation, graphics, etc., to help you get a site up and running quickly and easily. Take a look...who knows, maybe you'll discover a theme that tickles your fancy.

More Options...Categories

Under More Options, you have the ability to enter one or more Categories. In a Google Apps community, categories can be used to group sites of similar content together. For example, perhaps all teacher sites would be placed into a category named "Teacher Sites." When another member of your Google Apps community browses for a site, they can use categories to more quickly locate the site they wanted.

More Options...Description

Under More Options, you also have the opportunity to add regular text that describes your site. This descriptive text can help your site be more easily discovered when some does a search for your site within your Google Apps community. And if your site is public, it can help your site be more easily found when doing a search in Google.